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Want to grow your online sales? I can help. I will audit your site, point out areas that need improvement and ensure the site is optimized to drive qualified traffic to increase leads & sales.

Excellent Quality

The one thing that I don’t compromise on is quality. That’s why I strive to make sure that my clients are satisfied with my work.


Time in invaluable and shouldn’t be wasted. That’s why I will always be available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns yo might have.

Buffalo SEO Expert

If anyone has ever told you that rankings don’t matter, then they were lying to you. RANKINGS MATTER. If you’re not on the first page, you’re losing potential clients to your competitors. My team and I can help you get there with our proven digital marketing strategy. Our team of buffalo seo experts will conduct an in depth audit of your site, identify areas that need improvement, map out an implementation plan and in no time, you’ll start seeing the difference. In addition to Buffalo SEO services, we also offer Local SEO services which is aimed at improving your local presence. The combination of On-Page and Local SEO delivers explosive results.

Search Engine Optimization90%
Local SEO83%
Paid Search (PPC)95%
Web Design86%




Website Design Buffalo NY

About 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website. If they don’t see what the’re looking for in that time, the’re going to leave. That’s why your website should be a level above your competitors. The success of any internet marketing strategy depends on how well the design is. Our buffalo web design services are aimed at ensuring that you not only attract the right people to your website but also turn those visitors into paying customers.

My team and I will assess your website and help you make it better and user friendly.

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Simon has always been a pleasure to work with. He is super smart and quick learn. He was always bringing new ideas to the team and had an amiable approach to work. If you ever get an opportunity to work with Simon you should jump at it.- Matthew Hunt
Simon is an exceptional worker. Very detail oriented, reliable and puts a tremendous amount of care into his work. Simon is able to make business recommendations based on careful analysis.- Warren Houston
Simon is dedicated, knowledgable, and possesses the passionate curiosity needed to thrive in the digital tech industry. I could rely on Simon to understand the ins and outs of every client, as well as keep me updated with reports on the progress of our projects.

His commitment, work ethic, and positive attitude are extraordinary.- Sal Talon

Simon is a pleasure to work with, he is always super responsive and helpful. Simon is very detail oriented and has a great ability to work under extremely tight timelines while never sacrificing the quality of the work.

He has always gone above and beyond on any request. Handling them all in a timely manner of course. Working with Simon has truly been a learning experience, not only have I been able to exceed client expectations with his work but also pick up a thing or two along the way.- Claudia Cervantes

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